Startup Pitches

The day's programming will with a selection of early-stage visionary founders pitching their innovations for the near future of travel, in a competition for a top prize. All founders received feedback on four criteria (business model, pitch, fundability, and product market fit) from both the panelists and the audience members.

how To apply:

To keep the voting fair, please record a 45-second video of your pitch.
No product videos please!

  1. Record and upload a 45-seconds video of your elevator pitch.

  2. Share your link with your community. More votes, more visibility!

  3. Finalists will be selected by our committee and be invited to pitch onstage at TDS 2019

    Note: startup pitch finalists will be chosen by a selection committee. Number of popular votes is used as a guideline, but is not the sole criteria by which finalists will be selected.