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Breakfast Roundtables
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Aviation Panel
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Tourism Panel/Talk
Lunch Roundtables
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07:30 PM After Party



Each roundtable topic will be explored within the context of its own vertical: Aviation, Hospitality, or Tourism.






Travelers spend countless hours consuming travel content before making the decision to book a trip. This conversation is focused on engaging people at this earliest stage of their travel experience.


Consumers searching for travel do a lot of comparison shopping across channels, companies, destination, dates, levels of service. This conversation focuses on solutions for sourcing, optimizing, and packaging all the data needed to generate a conversion.


Getting travel inventory to consumers is a high-friction process caused by suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, and resellers with competing interests. This conversation focuses on the using advances in technology to streamline the the booking experience.


Travel brings a lot of complexity to payments because of the big ticket nature of most travel purchases as well as restrictions on and regulations of cross-border of money transfer. This conversation will focus on solutions that make travel more accessible to everyone from anywhere.


The actual travel part of the experience involves port infrastructure, vessels, carriers, government organizations. This conversation will focus on improving the physical journey for the consumer.


Post-arrival and in-trip transportation is important both to travelers and locals, but these groups often have different needs and expectations. This conversation will focus on solutions that allow visitors to explore destinations more fully via local-friendly transportation options.


The quality and availability of suitable accommodations can make or break a good trip, but every traveler defines suitable in a different way. This conversation will be centered on the role of technology in supporting the host’s mission.


No trip is complete without experiences at the destination. Every traveler has different tastes and expectations when it comes to tours and activities. This conversation will focus on solutions that make activities better.


Business travelers have their own set of needs across all phases of the travel experience, more so when leisure is added into the mix. This conversation will focus on solutions for the modern business traveler and travel manager’s competing interests.

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